GNOCA'S Mission Trip 2023

GNOCA Mission: PHILIPPINES 2022-2023

The second batch of our Mission Boxes are ready for shipment.  The recipient will be the indigenous tribe of Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines.  Thanks to all our donors:  Ms Satima, Ms. Cindy, Ms. Sonya, Ms Sara, Ms Luz, and Ms. Hasson.

Each box cost $90 to ship and we are sending three boxes (same as the first batch) . If you are touched to help, we are open to accept “cash” donations in whatever amount.  If you prefer to send it by check, please name under, Sheila Capobres, to avoid delay.  

Thank you so much parents for partnering with us.

Whatever you have done to the list of my children, you have done it to me.” - Jesus -



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