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december/january ACTIVITIES 2024: education sabbath, year end party, & 2nd q. achievers



november ACTIVITIES 2023: new desk, thanksgiving day, birthday celebration


october Activities 2023: nutrition week, library day, field trip @aquarium, united nation week, and international food fair

September and october 2023 birthday celebration


September Activities 2023: Class picture, field day, practice day, education sabbath

NEW TOILET BOWLS: Thank you dear sponsors (JR, Ms. Hannah and Teacher Sheila) April 17, 2023

library day april 13, 2023

"Operation shade 2023" april 13. 2023

Field trip: Outdoor school at loop nola march 23, 2023

High honor roll and honor roll for 3rd quarter, march 2023

Brand new basketball goal. thank you mr and mrs castro, January 2023

Year end party december 14, 2022

christmas play and musical presentation december 10, 2022



 FALL recital december 4, 2022

international food fair october 27, 2022

United Nations presentation october 27, 2022

Robotics, Bells, & Field trip October 21, 2022

More Bday Celebrations: Judah, Joachim, & Nehemie plus 1st Education Sabbath at NO 1st Church September 19, 2022


The new refrigerator for breakfast ministry october 16, 2022

Robotics and aiden's birthday October 13, 2022

Field day September 29, 2022

3rd week of school: Robotics, PE, Gardening, and chapel period

the first two weeks of school August 15-26

teacher's appreciation week may 2-6, 2022

happy 9th birthday kylie torres may 3, 2022

Weekend with the teachers march 19, 2022

Science week celebration 2022


president's day reporting february 14-18, 2022


Aria's Birthday with the teachers February 16, 2022


gnoca's Library Day February 18, 2022




aria's 13th birthday celebration february 16, 2022


Today's happy faces during breakfast time. February 9, 2022.


enjoying daily breakfast at school. the value of having a hearty breakfast.


rock and roll marathon February 6, 2022


Francesca's birthday celebration 2021-2022


1st and 2nd quarter honor roll 2021-2022

 lower grades pajama party 2021-2022

Year end party 2021-2022

THe new concert attire uniform 2021-2022

baking class with teacher sheila and ms. lee ann 2021-2022

Career Day - medical personnel 2021-2022

bible quiz bee winners/winter uniform begins 2021-2022


jayden's birthday/p.e. day/ thanksgiving celebration 2021-2022

PE Day and fall festival 2021-2022


Education sabbath, music day with jr, & toy day 2021-2022

United Nation Week and international food fair 2021-2022


Aiden's birthday and library day 2021-2022

Health week celebration/Lower grades picnic day/friday art day 2021-2022

Judah and Joachim's birthday Celebration 2021-2022

Mr. Steve burton's visit and friendship day celebration 2021-2022

Welcome party 2021-22

Work bee 2021-22

First Day of School 2021-22


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