Greater New Orleans Christian Academy

The School that Trains for Service and Eternity

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1st and 2nd quarter honor roll 2021-2022

 lower grades pajama party 2021-2022

Year end party 2021-2022

THe new concert attire uniform 2021-2022

baking class with teacher sheila and ms. lee ann 2021-2022

Career Day - medical personnel 2021-2022

bible quiz bee winners/winter uniform begins 2021-2022


jayden's birthday/p.e. day/ thanksgiving celebration 2021-2022

PE Day and fall festival 2021-2022


Education sabbath, music day with jr, & toy day 2021-2022

United Nation Week and international food fair 2021-2022


Aiden's birthday and library day 2021-2022

Health week celebration/Lower grades picnic day/friday art day 2021-2022

Judah and Joachim's birthday Celebration 2021-2022

Mr. Steve burton's visit and friendship day celebration 2021-2022

Welcome party 2021-22

Work bee 2021-22

First Day of School 2021-22


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