Financial Information 2017-18
1) Application and Registration Fees
An application fee of $100 must be paid at the time of application.  Fifty percent of this fee may be refundable before July 15.   A registration charge of $450(K-4), $500 (5-8), or $900 (9) (which covers the usage of textbooks, library books, testing fees, student accident insurance, etc.) must be paid before the student is officially enrolled.  If the full application and registration fees are paid early, per list following, there will be a discount:  Paid in full by April 20 - $200 discount; by June 1 - $150 discount; by July 15 - $100 discount.
* Payments may be applied to application and registration fees only after the student’s account has been paid in full for the prior year.
Registration refunds - Registration fees are refundable until one week preceding the start of school.  After this date, 50% will be refundable, prorated on the number of school days the student has attended.
2) Summer Incentive Payment Plan
To encourage systematic savings throughout the summer to meet the entrance fee (registration fee and first month’s tuition) which is due upon enrollment, Greater New Orleans Christian Academy will apply a credit of 5% per month (not per annum) on the credit balance on your statement at the end of May, June, and July (up to the maximum as indicated on the below schedule) to your entrance fee for the next school year.

Payments during the summer, for both old and new students, will receive the same credit bonus.  Your account will qualify for this credit balance bonus, or summer payment incentive bonus, upon registration and it will be applied to your account on August 1.

If for any reason your child does not attend Greater New Orleans Christian Academy in the fall, you may request a full refund of your credit balance. This will be refunded to you within two weeks of your request; however, you will forfeit the credit bonus. If a student withdraws from school before completing the year, the credit bonus will be charged back on a prorated basis.

Although an individual or family may make larger payments and have a greater credit balance at the end of each month, the schedule below indicates the maximum amount of credit that will be applied. The summer payment incentive credit cannot be granted in conjunction with other prepayment offers.
Summer Incentive Maximum:  $300 per month per student 
  May June July Totals
Month ending credit $300 $600 $900 $900
Cr. Bonus/Month   5.0%   5.0%   5.0%  
Max. Credit Bonus $15 $30 $45 $90
Total available for enrollment       $990

3) Monthly Tuition
There are ten (10) tuition payments for the school year.  The first tuition payment is due the first day of school.  The remaining payments are due on the first of each month, beginning September 1 through May 1.  A 10% late payment fee will be assessed for payments received after the 15th of the month.  Monthly tuition payments must be made by check, money order or online.  Cash payments are not accepted.  Online payments may be made by going to the school’s website and using the link found there.

4) Tuition Rates  

Monthly Payment
First Child $4,200 $420
Second Child $3,360 $360
Third Child $2,520 $252
Fourth Child $1,680 $168
Fifth Child $   840 $ 84
Sixth Child Free ---


Year’s tuition in advance: 10%, paid by 1st day of school
Half year’s tuition in advance:5%, first half paid by 1st day of school, second half paid by 1st school day in January.
5) Billing and Payment Schedule  

5th of each month Financial statements are sent out indicating all payments received during the prior month and all charges and credits for the current month.
15th of each month Any balance on an account will receive a 10% late payment fee.
If there is an unpaid balance on an account, a letter will be sent requesting payment or arrangements be made with the school treasurer. 
25th of the month If there is an unpaid balance on an account, the student will be placed on financial suspension and dismissed from school unless arrangements have been made and approved by the school finance committee.
6) Financial Assistance
Financial tuition assistance may be provided by the student’s local church.

GNOCA has been established to serve the Christian Educational needs of several churches in the surrounding area.  Tuition charges account for only a minor portion of the cost of educating a student.  It is only through the generous financial support of area churches and individuals that our school may remain open.

GNOCA does not grant any financial assistance to parents desiring to enroll their children here.  However, financial assistance may be available through your local church.  Please check with your local church pastor or administrative board for assistance in providing your child with this wonderful Christian education.

GNOCA does not negotiate over the fees that it charges.  These fees are set by the school board and applied to all in a non-discriminatory manner.  Parents are totally responsible for these charges and if you feel that you need assistance you must seek that through your local church or other source.  Through prayer and your local church’s support, often a way can be found to provide for your child’s continual Christian education.  We wish for your child to complete his/her education in this Christian environment.
7) Tuition Refunds
If for any reason a child is dismissed or drops out of school early, the tuition will be refunded on a prorated basis.
8) NSF Checks
Any payment made by check, returned by the bank for insufficient funds, will be subject to a $35.00 NSF charge and the above 10% late payment fee may apply.
9) Field Trips Fees
There may be fees associated with field trips. You will be notified of the amount in the announcement of the field trip. This fee must be paid before the field trip.
10) Transportation Fees
Transportation from the Marrero Seventh-day Adventist Church to the school location is provided at no extra charge by the Marrero Church.